Friday, January 18, 2013

Currently Creative

Kellie Winnell from give a girl a blog is having a "currently" moment and I wanted to join in.  

What exactly does this mean?  It means, what currently is going on creatively with you right now?!  

  • Your craft/creative area.
  • What you are currently working on.
  • What you current craft you have made.
  • Your creativity on your desk.

Here's what is currently creative with me... 50 shades of cardstock!

  I'm currently packing for a weekend crop and I'm deciding on the colors of cardstock to take along with me.  Normally I'm working on a layout, being creative and my desk is a mess, scattered with papers and embellies!  But not today.  Today, my desk is clean and looks lonely... until next week!

I came across Kellie's blog on Facebook a few weeks ago and I just love her!  She is so fun and creative, and full of inspiration!  Go check her out!  

I hope you can join in!  Its so fun to see what others are up to and to see what they are creating!


  1. I love how all of the colors look together. So pretty. :D

  2. Oh how fun ! Wow that's a lot of cardstock ;) should I start shopping?

  3. Have a fun retreat. Love the photo of the cardstock too.

  4. Whoooo love the colours !
    Thanks for popping over to my blog!!

  5. Love the colours
    I never know what to pack for crops, I always want to use something I've left behind